Mebbes Aye, Mebbes Naw

Tammas Clark Hou it aw ends. In 7th century Egypt, wi Caliph Abd al-Malik taxin the Coptic language intae oblivion. In modren Sri Lanka, wi a hunner an fifty fowk killed in riots sparked bi anti-Tamil language legislation. An in Russia an Ukraine an Cameroon, an ony place whaur there are tongues tae speak an…

My Mackintosh

Four years ago I was in the Cairngorms blissfully incommunicado with the world when a text appeared from a London friend asking ‘what’s happening with the Mackintosh?’. I was totally unaware of the fire which had caused enormous damage to a building that has been such a part of my life, as a student in…

Hubble Bubble: Scotland’s Witchcraft

Scotland is a witch-ridden country. James VI knew this, when he wrote Daemonologie, his treatise on witchcraft and its evils in 1597. Six years prior, they had burned the North Berwick witches, who were tortured into confessing their part in a plot to drown King James and his Danish bride, Princess Anne, at sea. These…

Scottish Showcase: Kelburn Castle

On this month’s Scottish Showcase, we look at a historical gem with a twist – Kelburn Castle. Its distinctive graffiti art facade has become famous, but there’s lots more to discover.

Donald Trump Visits The UK

Donald Trump makes his first visit to the UK and thousands of protestors are in Scotland to meet him. But a small counter protest supporting Trump makes us ask, does the president have support in Scotland? Find out here.

Langside 450

What do Mary, Queen of Scots and a goat that tells fortunes have in common? Both welcomed the thousands of visitors to Langside 450 in Queens Park on the 12th and 13th of May. The event marked the 450th anniversary of the Battle of Langside, where Mary lost a crucial battle that effectively marked the…

Arts Feature: Window Wanderland

The residents of Strathbungo get together once a year to turn their homes into a giant open air art gallery. Check out 2018’s best displays here.