As part of our Scottish Showcase, we’re delighted to bring you this short drama from 17-year old director Eilidh Gow and writer and actor James Hargreaves.

In a world which has accepted it’s impending doom, there is one boy who hasn’t. In fact, he hasn’t done very much at all. It’s time to change that. With some help from his cat…

FTV’s Scottish Showcase aims to bring you the future stars of Scottish screen today, bringing you highlights from the worlds of drama, music, literature and art.

Directed by Eilidh Gow
Written by James Hargreaves
Original Score by George Reece

Featuring Music by
Guru Kid
Ben Fawkes
Steven O’Brian

Eilidh Gow (Director)

Eilidh Gow is a young Scottish director. She gained her first festival screening and award in 2015 aged only 16 as part of the Edinburgh International Film Festival’s Shorts Challenge. She went on to become an intern editor at Create Studios in Swindon, then gained a position as a junior editor before moving back to Scotland to pursue freelance directing and self-shooting work. She has become a regular contributor to BBC The Social, creating mini-documentaries, shorts and sketches.
In 2016 she earned one of only 12 places on the FIND Scotland scheme, through which she gained a placement at documentary production company Matchlight, and was one of 2 directors
selected for short film funding. This resulted in short documentary “The Bear Necessity” which recently started its festival run as part of XpoNorth, Scotland’s leading creative industries festival.
She has also received training via courses at the New York Film Academy, Pinewood Studios,
Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and BFI Film Academy.
In the last year, she has spent 5 months working as a video editor for Global, the UK’s largest commercial radio company, continued to create short-form online content for BBC The Social, completed short film “Stum (Tongue-Tied)” in Norway and has a new short in pre-production with an up-an-coming Aberdeen writer.

James Hargreaves (Writer)

James is a film student with an interest in shorts from stop-motion to live action scripted shorts.
He is currently studying Film Production at the University Of Gloucestershire and is in his second year. During is 1st year James was a Production Designer for a short film as well as a co-writing a script for another short.
In 2016 James wrote and starred in Eilidh Gow’s short ‘Peter, His Cat and the End of the World’ which went on to feature the UK published YouTube magazine TenEighty.
James continues his studies at UOG and has plans to write another short film to shoot with Eilidh next summer.